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Green and natural workplace

A green and natural workplace is is more than just "nice". Green is our natural habitat. Natural materials feel like home. A room with a view litterally creates space and green also purifies and humidifies the air so that the typical dry sick building suddenly becomes like our natural -urban- jungle.

Average costs of greenery are € 120 per employee per year.
Revenues of various research say a green office environment results in 20% to 40% more productivity, 20% to 80% increase in happiness and sense of peace and satisfaction, 10% to 20% better concentration levels, 10 to 30% less health problems due to dry air.
We rounded this to a reduction in costs for the average salary of 4%

Natural daylight, viewpoint and sound

Daylight lamps are already used for a long time. But, recent research shows that there is more to light than that. In nature the sun rises and falls. People can look far and see how the day progresses. Also, the light at midday contains much more yellow than light at the end of the day. This change in intensity and color is called the circadian light cycle and nowadays can be brought into the office space.
Sound is another environmental stressor that needs proper attention. Too much sound makes people feel stressed. Too much silence on the other hand can make people feel unsafe.

We now translate management costs of light- and sound into € 30 per employee per year. These costs must be further researched and explained.
There is growing research though on the benefits. Employees who work in environments with natural light and reassuring sounds reported a 60 to 70% higher level of well-being and are 10 to 15% more productive.
We rounded this to a reduction in costs for the average salary of 4%

Healthy food and drinks

Thinking about healthy alternatives for cafeine and sugar is the starting point for more health. Just introducing alternatives for the usual drinks and available office snacks already offers huge benefits. Going even further and offering personell healthy lunches may seem to cost, but the revenues are huge.

If employers start paying for healthy snacks and drinks in between meals and during the day, the average costs are probably € 100 per employee per year.
The productivity gains from less sugar and cafeine are huge. Prestations improve between 30% and 50% and well being improves between 50 and 70%.
We rounded this to a reduction in costs for the average salary of 4%

Less stress, more rest and exercise

This is a huge subject, and the least simple of the four. It includes powernaps, yoga classes, workout on the job and office chair massages. But it is also about company culture, feeling safe and empowerment. Not all elements in this group are a simple cost-profit calculation. But a lot of them still are. If a well designed staircase invites to walk more, and a little massage makes your employees already a bit happier, then that is just the first thing to do.

If employers offer a basic range of of employee benefits, courses, massages and a meditation space for example, average costs simple stress reduction and movement promotion € 100 per employee per year.
Productivity improves from 10 to 30% and well being improves bewtween 35 and 70%.
We rounded this to a reduction in costs for the average salary of 4%

Costs and profits of interventions promoting health at work for your organisation

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